Food Pantry

The SLO Hep C Project operates its own Food Pantry, which supplies clients with canned goods, dry goods and toiletries.  Since most of our clients are living on very limited incomes, finding ways to stretch dollars is very important.  With food from the pantry, a client does not have to spend as much at the grocery store each month.  This successful program provides the equivalent of 2,000 meals to our clients per month!

How Can You Help?

Food Drives
We are constantly in need of items to stock our pantry shelves.  You may see us in front of local grocery stores that host our Food Drives.  If you do, please pick up a flyer and purchase a few items while you are shopping that will help replenish our inventory.  we also need volunteers to help us distribute flyers during the drives.

Food Donations
You can always drop food off at the ASN office.  Click here for our list of items that are always in demand.  Items that are not on our list are also gratefully accepted.

If you have a vegetable garden with an over-abundance of crops, you can donate those fresh items to our pantry.  Donations early in the week are gone by the weekend!

Personal Food Drives
We have several volunteers who have developed their own food drives for us.  By contacting their friends, family members, club members or church groups, they collect food independently as often as once a month and bring it in to our office.

Some donors “charge admission” at social functions by asking their guests to bring an item of food for the Food Pantry!

Monetary Donations
Even with all of the food donations we receive, we still need to augment our Food Pantry by shopping for many of the items that seem to fly out the door.  Your designated donation to our Food Pantry will help us underwrite the cost of our food purchases.

We partner with the San Luis Obispo County Food Bank to help supply our pantry.

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Get Tested. Get Treated. Get Cured.

Here are 3 reasons why You should get tested for Hep C:

  1. You could have Hep C even if you feel fine! It can take 30 years for you to develop any symptoms. Untreated, the virus could cause significant damage to your liver, including cancer or cirrhosis.
  2. If you do have Hep C, new treatments have improved dramatically and even have an over 90% cure rate! The sooner you get tested, the quicker you can get treatment!
  3. You are especially at risk for Hep C if you were born between 1945-1965; if you’ve ever used IV drugs; or, if you received a blood transfusion before 1990.

The test is quick, easy, and, thanks to generous funding from Dignity Health Community Grants Program, confidential Hep C testing is now available to you FREE at locations throughout SLO County!

Call us or any of our community partners and we’ll get you connected to a testing site near you!

The SLO Hep C Project
(805) 543-4372

The Center
(805) 544-2478

The Noor Clinic
(805) 439-1799

Planned Parenthood
(888) 898-3806

Public Health Department Family Clinic
(805) 748-4878



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How Can I Help

Our community has a rich history of volunteerism – people are always looking for ways to give back. The SLO Hep C Project offers a wide variety of ways to be involved, to touch a life, to leave a legacy, to make a difference. Click on the buttons below to find option is the best fit for you, or contact us to talk about how you feel you might be able to help.

All of us at the SLO Hep C Project appreciate your generosity, your time and your talents.

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